Alba’s operations remain uninterrupted through employee support and commitment

Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) was operating at full capacity and did not suffer loss in production during the recent unrest in Bahrain. This was accomplished through effective team work demonstrated by Alba’s employees, seamless collaboration between different departments, and tangible expressions of loyalty shown by members of the Alba community.

Due to a shortfall in attendance following a call for strike from the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Union (GFBTU), many employees worked longer hours, supported their colleagues in meeting deadlines, and made sure the production and supply cycle remained uninterrupted.

This high level of commitment by Alba’s employees ensured that attendance figures stood at nearly 85 per cent despite the call for strike from the GFBTU and restrictions in traffic movement.

Nevertheless, employees who have infringed the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Labour Law as well as Alba’s HR policies by not reporting, or committing other offences against the company will have to face disciplinary actions accordingly.

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