Bahrain Airshow is of world class: Admiral Moore

Admiral Moore
The Bahrain International Air Show (BIAS) is one of the best international aviation exhibitions, thanks to its location and excellent organization, the former Commander of US 5th Fleet and Lockheed Martin’s Regional President for the Middle East and Africa Vice Admiral Charles W. Moore, said.

“Despite its small size, it reflects the same beauty of other bigger air shows because it meets the needs of the participants and has most of the planes people enjoy seeing and includes various amazing air displays,” he said.

He also said that Lockheed Martin, which is participating in BIAS for the second time in a row, will take part in the next exhibition because it is a “great show” that offers it an “opportunity to meet customers and strengthen ties with them.”

Vice Admiral Moore also asserted that Bahrain was one of the most important countries in the region thanks to the wisdom of its leadership and landmark progress and prosperity.

The Regional President of the aviation powerhouse expressed his belief that Bahrain will be able to address all its issues and overcome the current situation thanks to the wisdom and will of its leadership, reiterating his confidence that Bahrain will continue its progress so as to ensure a brighter future for its citizens.

Moore also reaffirmed the deep-rooted relations between Bahrain and the US, stating that they have always been, and will remain, solid and constructive. He went on to express his country’s appreciation of Bahrain’s role in safeguarding security and stability in the region.

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