Bahrain Air takes center stage at airshow

A view of a beautiful display on the third day of Bahrain International Airshow 2012
Bahrain Air’s Chalet at the Bahrain International Air Show 2012 remained a center of activity with local and international media, suppliers, industry personal and well wishers viewing and discussing the airlines new business/premium product and future plans in a friendly and cordial atmosphere.

Bahrain Air Managing Director, Capt. Ibrahim Al Hamer, was upbeat with the event and its grand opening on the 19th of January 2012.
“I am pleased with the events success so far and reiterated BIAS 2102 have proven that Bahrain is back on track offering excellent facilities for hosting international events,” Al Hamer said.

Capt. Ibrahim Al Hamer, briefed the media of the new business/premium class seat upgrades which will be installed on all Bahrain Air Aircraft and emphasized that the airlines product and service will be upgraded along with the new seat to ensure a superior offering to attract the business community as a favorite airline in the region.

Captain Ibrahim also signed an agreement with “book a trip” a reputed web portal service provider in expanding Bahrain Air’s distribution net work.

Bahrain Air’s latest A320 aircraft in its fleet A9CBAO (Oscar) participated in the air show and the demonstration flight was flown by Captain Waleed Al Shamsi and assisted by Captain Ahmed Yacoubi and Captain Yaqoob Al Askari, the most experienced senior pilots of Bahrain Air.

“We are glad to participate for the second time in this event and are happy to find such popularity for our airline among the local public. We have received many queries and suggestions from visitors at the show. We have noted the feedback and will review how we can further enhance our product and service to further improve customer satisfaction going forward”. He concluded “The remarkable success we all saw on the first day of this international event has proven that Bahrain Air is on track in its goal to become a favourite airline in the region,” Al Hamer, said.

Bahrain Air, CEO Richard Nuttall was optimistic of the future progress of Bahrain Air’s operation as a hybrid carrier in the region.

“With the expertise of our team and with shareholder support we have come a long way in the last 12 months. We have used this platform to showcase our current products and services, and our future plans. Over the last two years we have expanded our network, added complimentary meals for all passengers, introduced a new reservation system with flexibility to offer different fare types, and to provide value added products such as advance seat reservation, purchase of extra baggage, and travel insurance.”

“Our strategy for this year has three major areas; firstly enhancement of our product and service, secondly development of our distribution systems making it easier for individuals and agents to book, and finally enhancement of our network. Some of this will be through our own organic growth and better aircraft utilization and later systems developments and IATA membership will facilitate working with other carriers to provide a wider choice of destinations.”

Bahrain Air’s latest A320 aircraft participated in the air show, demonstrating the product. At the Bahrain Air chalet, the company received many guests from the local and international aviation community, trade partners and distinguished visitors as it introduced its new business/premium class seats and upgraded in-flight product.

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