Bahrain Air fails to pay government passengers tax

BahrainAir.comBahrain Air has failed to pay its arrears to the Civil Aviation Affairs and other Government parties in return for services.

“The airline company has also failed to pay the passenger departure taxes it had levied for a long time on behalf of the Government”, the Transport ministry in a statement said.

The ministry pointed out that it provided Bahrain Air the opportunity in March to reschedule its arrears and dues till the end of this year.

The statement was in response to press reports alleging Bahrain Air failed to pay its dues to the Government.

The offer was conditioned on immediate payment of departure taxes levied on passengers’ tickets on behalf of the Government.

“The ministry did not receive any positive answer to its proposal”, the statement said, adding that the company insisted on its demand to freeze its unpaid arrears.

“Neither the ministry nor the Government in general can accept such a demand by a private company to the detriment of another as it would violate the law”, the statement added.

The Transport Ministry affirmed its keenness on protecting public money and collect dues, stressing full commitment to the directives of the wise leadership, in line with the Constitution, the law provisions and the Cabinet decisions.

It cited particularly the Cabinet decision, dated August 5, 2012, stressing the necessity to collect all Government dues.

The ministry reaffirmed its resolve to implement the recommendations of the National Audit Court Report and the Legislative Authority towards boosting Government revenues, stressing commitment to the principle of transparency in all operations and transactions.

The ministry said it was keen on promoting the national economy and developing the aviation sector, taking into account vital national interests, stressing commitment to treating all airline companies at equal level.

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