Cathay Pacific: a vital partner of CAA Bahrain

Jamil Wafa with Captain Abdulrahman Al Gaoud, Ahmed Neimat, Tom Wright, Charlie Steward Cox and Cathay Pacific Bahrain and Unitag Bahrain teams at the farewell luncheon held at the Capital Club
Cathay Pacific Airways has been emerged as a vital partner of the Civil Aviation Affairs (CAA) Bahrain since start of its operations to Bahrain in the mid 1970’s, a senior official at the CAA Bahrain, said.

“Cathay Pacific has been pivotal in developing the aviation sector of Bahrain since 1970’s and now we consider Cathay Pacific Airways as a partner,” Undersecretary CAA Bahrain Captain Abdulrahman Al Gaoud, said.

He was speaking as he attended the farewell luncheon hosted by the Chairman of Unitag House Jamil Wafa for Cathay Pacific’s outgoing Regional Manager Tom Wright and attended by the Cathay Pacific team, journalists and invited guests.
Al Gaoud, who was joined by Ahmed Neimat Assistant Undersecretary CAA, said that he was trained by the Cathay Pacific Airways as a pilot and since then he kept this institution in a very high esteem.

“Other Bahrainis also got certified courses from the Cathay Pacific making it one of the most important institutions in developing the aviation sector,” Al Gaoud said.

Since the start of the relationship, he added, there have been a lot of challenges, difficult and good times. “Sometimes challenges were of financial and operational natures but we have been through and we want to see this relationship continue,” Al Gaoud, said.

Based in India, Charlie Steward Cox will be Cathay Pacific new regional manager replacing Tom Wright from early next year.

Jamil Wafa, who has been seen as the person behind the development of Cathay-Bahrain ties since 1975, lauded the services rendered by the outgoing regional manager Cathay Pacific Tom Wright.

“It was 1975-76 the Cathay Pacific’s then manager John Alison contacted me discussed the possibility of securing landing rights for Cathay Pacific in Bahrain. At that time Gulf Air was sensitive on this issue but with the efforts of Shaikh Isa bin Abdulla Civil Aviation Affairs agreed to grant landing rights to Cathay Pacific linking Bahrain with Hong Kong for the first time,” Al Wafa said.

“Cathay Pacific Airways emerged as a vital airline helping in developing the aviation sector in line with the Kingdom’s vision to make it a proffered destination for airlines as well as tourists,” he said.

He also thanked Cathay Pacific team in Bahrain and lauded the efforts of Tom Wrights in establishing this brand in this part of the work over past 26 years with Cathay Pacific Airways. He also welcomed Cathay Pacific Airways new regional manager Charlie Steward Cox and wished him and his team a great success.

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