Gulf Air offers jobs to defunct Bahrain Air pilots

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Gulf Air
Bahrain’s national carrier Gulf Air is offering job opportunities to the Bahraini pilots affected by the closure of Bahrain Air.

The Bahrain Air pilots have been contacted by the airline. All pilots who successfully complete this process will be offered appropriate positions at Gulf Air.

The decision highlights Gulf Air’s on-going commitment to filling as many positions as it can with skilled and qualified nationals, with specific focus on specialist aviation professionals such as pilots.

Gulf Air’s decision was welcomed by the Ministry of Labour and a number of MPs who recognised the national carrier’s commitment to Bahrainisation and its continuous efforts to develop a national workforce of aviation professionals as it implements a restructuring strategy to put the airline on a path towards sustainability and create a dynamic and efficient national carrier that will better serve the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Despite going through a restructuring process that involves reduction in its workforce, no Bahraini pilots have been affected by the process and the airline remains committed to providing opportunities for as many Bahraini pilots as possible.

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