Alba eyes $250m a year sustainable savings

Alba Six Sigma Wave7 meeting
Aluminium Bahrain (Alba)’s focus on achieving sustainable annual savings of $250 million by end of 2012 continues to gain momentum with the recent launch of Lean-Six Sigma Wave 7 — an Alba SmartWay initiative introduced to bring about quality improvement and enhanced operational efficiency.

Alba’s Chief Executive, Laurent Schmitt, Chief Finance and Supply Officer, Tim Murray and Chief Operating Officer, Isa Al-Ansari met the new batch of Six Sigma Green Belt trained candidates who will be responsible for implementing eight approved projects that will pave the way into accomplishing Lean-Six Sigma Wave 7’s overall goals.

The eight selected projects are expected to bring about an estimated savings of more than $10 million and their implementation target will be end December 2012.

“Alba has always committed itself towards continuous improvement as a key component of its work culture, and recognises that this methodology provides a spot-on route to operational efficiency and global competitiveness. The launch of Six Sigma is a step that will enable the company to achieve not only substantial cost savings but also anchor quality as an integral part of all operational processes. I like to wish the Lean Six Sigma Wave 7 team all success as they begin their task in implementing the targets for each of the eight projects. We are also confident that their success will pave the way towards launching a Six Sigma Academy with trained experts from Alba,” Alba’s Chief Executive, Laurent Schmitt said.

The eight projects that have been approved for implementation by Alba’s Executive Management team are: optimising inventory of casthouse consumable elements; calciner process efficiency improvement; energy consumption optimisation; on-time customer delivery performance; optimising metal delivery; improving reliability of Power Station 4; net foundry and slab recovery; and, specific energy consumption.

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