Alba invests $100,000 on ventilation

Potline 5 Alba
Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) on Monday said that it would remain committed to achieve zero harm across the plant as demonstrated by its recent investment of nearly $100,000 in installing new air ventilation louvers in the north side of both Potlines 4 and 5.

The air ventilation louver project began in 2011 as part of Alba’s overall initiative to improve work conditions for employees on a regular basis, bolster increased productivity and enhance performance levels.

“Our employees are our most valuable assets since it is primarily through their hard work that Alba today is one of the world’s leading aluminium smelters. Hence, the safety of our employees and improving of their work environment remains a continued focus as well as a priority. With smoother air circulation and cooler work conditions made possible, the new air ventilation louvers are expected to play a key role in boosting performance levels,” Alba’s Chief Executive, Laurent Schmitt said.

The air ventilation louvers will basically operate as heat evacuation mechanisms that will allow fresh air to enter the shop floor leading to cooling down of surrounding temperatures. It will benefit operators working in the north side of the pot lines who are involved in activities like anode changing, pot maintenance, etc. It has been further designed to close in winter and open in summer and thereby provide increased flexibility to Alba’s employees.

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