Alba sells 15% of its output to Europe

Alba CEO at Zurich briefing
Aluminium Bahrain (Alba), which remained optimistic about the business in the European market, marked the first anniversary of the opening of its sales office in Europe.

Chief Executive, Laurent Schmitt during a strategic business briefing at Albas Zurich based office held a strategic briefing which covered areas for value optimisation and how to improve Albas export capabilities.

Also present at the meeting were Sales and Marketing (Europe) Manager, Boris Santosi, Client Liaison, Katrin Lscher, and Logistics Coordinator, Alex Notizky from the Europe office as well as Casthouse Manager, Abdul Rasool Ahmed Abdul Rasool and Superintendent Casthouse Operations, Aref Ahmed Noor.

Alba had long recognised Europe to be one of the growth areas for its high-grade aluminium products, and the success gained in the past one year has further endorsed our confidence in this market. I like to congratulate the Alba team in Zurich for their considerable efforts in raising the companys profile and in paving the way towards increased distribution of its products to key markets in Europe, Albas Chief Executive, Laurent Schmitt, said.

Currently, Alba exports 15 per cent of its output to key markets in Europe and has already established processes to help increase its presence further. The sales office in Zurich was opened in June 2011 in response to the demand for Albas products in Europe, and to enable the company to be closer to its growing list of customers in the continent.


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