Dr Fakhro gets on spot briefings during visit to local markets

Minister Dr Hassan Fakhro during the visit to one of the markets
The Minister of Industry and Commerce Dr Hassan Abdullah Fakhro on Saturday visited the major markets and hyper malls to get the first hand information on supply and prices of commodities.

The visit was part of the Ministry’s efforts to control street trading and to check the movement of supply to the markets and price index as well as the availability of food commodities and food different.

The Minister along with officials inspected central markets for vegetables and meat markets in addition to Ramez Manama, Lulu Hypermarket compound Dana and markets Carrefour Center, City Center, and others, where the representatives of the markets gave details on the demand and supply of the daily commodities.

The Minister got reassurance on the availability of all required quantities of vegetables and fruits of various types, which arrived and were distributed to various shops in all areas of Bahrain.
According to Ibrahim Amir, a senior traders and investors in the food sector in Bahrain, the markets were working at full capacity and ruled out any shortage of supply of major commodities.

“The availability of all required quantities of these materials, which reached effectively and smoothly through the different outlets have been downloaded and distributed on Friday morning in different areas,” he said.

He also informed that the prices of commodities were in normal range except few items of those due to lack of harvest in the countries of origin or to the problems in the source funding, and expected lower prices of most of these materials during the next couple of days where the volume will increase supply in the various shops.

The Ministry urged the consumers to cooperate with the Ministry and the concerned authorities in the country not to rush and storage of any of the food or the consumer, because that in itself raises prices, as things returned to normal in all areas of Bahrain is no need for such practices.
The Ministry urged consumer to report any violation relating to prices or other matters relating to the side of consumer and call the hotline of the Department of Consumer Protection is 17530096, in addition to the numbers fixed to the ministry, which can be contacted during working hours official is 17574799 and 17530264.

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