Dr. Fakhro praises StanChart Bank role in Bahrain

Dr Hassan Fakhro with StanChart Bank CEO and Abdulrahman Bucheery
Industry and Commerce Minister Dr. Hassan Fakhro confirmed what have been accomplished by banking sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain in enhancing economic growth and stimulate investment movement in this sector, in addition to attracting more foreign investment in Bahrain.

This came during a meeting with the Minister yesterday morning with CEO of Standard Charted Bank Hassan Jarrar on the occasion of his appointment and Business Advisor A. Rahman Buchiri. The Minister noted to banking sector role in enhancing national economy and its growing contribution the GDP.

In this context, the minister confirmed government support to the banking sector in the Kingdom and supplying it with all requirements that will strengthen its position and achieve the desired progress on all levels.

Hassan thanks and appreciates leadership and government and the Ministry in particular on facilities provided and supported incentive for all economic projects and plans carried out by the bank.

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