MOIC grants permission to 35 facilities

Dr. Fahed Abou Hemad

The registration committee at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce granted the licenses to 35 facilities to practice the valuation profession.

Dr Fahd Abou Hemad, the Undersecretary at the MOIC for Rules and Regulations Affairs and the Chairman of the Registration Committee of Accredited Valuers said it in co-operation with the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (Taqeem), the licenses were granted in line with the Ministry’s endeavour for developing the valuation profession and promoting it to the rank of the consultative prestigious professions in the Kingdom.

Dr. Fahd Abou Hemad added that the licenses were granted when all the registration conditions and requirements were completed for getting the facility license, and we are working on the issuance of the next licenses to the facilities which requested the licenses to practice the valuation profession, provided all the acceptance requirements and fulfilled all the required conditions. He expected that the number of people who getting the licenses will reach 80 facilities at the end of this year God willing.

The Undersecretary stressed that the Ministry keeps working with the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers on the implementation of the strategy, which approved by the Board of Directors to achieve the objectives of the Authority to develop the valuation profession in the Kingdom, and to improve the performance of their employees.

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