Al-Mahroos gets Man of the Year Award today

Bapco CEO Faisal Al Mahroos
Bapco’s Chief Executive, Faisal Al-Mahroos to be honoured with the Man of the Year Award 2011 in the oil and gas sector, on Sunday in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Bahrain’s oil and gas industry. The Oil and Gas Year Bahrain 2011 is a leading publication which handles the industry sector and key figures for developing this vital sector in fostering the process of national growth. The award is a culmination of the dedicated efforts played by Al-Mahroos in developing the oil and gas sector in Bahrain.

Al-Mahroos expressed pride in the award and thanked HE Energy Minister, Chairman of National Oil and Gas Authority and Chairman of Bapco’s Board, Dr. Abdulhussain bin Ali Mirza for his valued support and wise directives.
Al-Mahroos said the award is a landmark in his professional career in oil industry. He thanked the publication for the award hailing its key role in developing the oil and gas sector and serving welfare community.

Faisal Al-Mahroos, Bapco’s Chief Executive

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