Bahrain to host Intl Conference on pipelines operations

Dr Abdul Hussain Bin Ali Mirza, Minister for Energy and EWA Bahrain
Best Practice Pipeline Bahrain will host the 1st International Conference and Exhibition on Best Practices in Pipeline Operations and Integrity Management.

The three-day event will open on March 19 at the Gulf International Centre for Conferences, under the patronage of Energy Minister Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza.
The event, which will take place at the Gulf International Conference and Exhibition Centre, is being organized by international event organizers Tiratsoo Technical and Clarion Technical Conferences, with collaboration from Global Webb Energy Consultants, in coordination with the National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA).

The event is being sponsored by numerous companies in the region and industry, notably by our Elite Platinum Sponsor – Saudi Aramco.

The conference will be opened in the presence of senior representatives and professionals from local, regional and global enterprises serving the energy industry. The event will bring together a significant number of engineers and experts in pipeline operations and major operators and suppliers.

The conference will present technical reviews from regional and international corporations from Australia, Bahrain, Germany, Netherlands, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, UK and the US, as well as several other countries from around the world.

The conference will also be attended by delegates from the leading national oil companies in the region.

A number of researchers and specialists in the discipline will participate and exchange information and experiences in all aspects of pipeline operations and engineering to gain practical skills and transfer knowledge.

The participants at the conference will discuss several issues related to the industry, notably the status of current and future oil and gas pipelines projects in the region.

The design and construction of pipelines on land and in sea, leakage control, concepts of safe pipeline operation, economics of pipeline transportation of oil and gas, environmental protection measures are just a sample of the topics that will be covered during the three day event.

The conference will provide attendees with a great opportunity to meet petroleum industry professionals and technology experts in pipeline installation and transportation of hydrocarbons. In a statement issued at the inauguration of the conference, Dr. Mirza said that the conference signified an important event for the energy industries worldwide, and notably for the region, home of the world’s largest oil and gas reserves.

He further stated that the Kingdom was proud to host this international conference, the first one on this theme to be held in Bahrain, which aims to discuss vital issues facing the industry both from the technical and strategic viewpoints.

He added that this gathering provided an opportunity for the participants to learn about the challenges facing the industry and the technical innovations and solutions addressing these challenges.

The event will also provide excellent networking opportunities to foster business relationships with a number of the leading professionals of the oil industry in the region and beyond.

The three days gathering will also allow the participants to explore further opportunities for education, enhanced communication and business development.

They will be able examine best practices in pipeline operations under one roof, and get the opportunity to discuss issues that affect the global energy industry and the transfer of hydrocarbons through pipelines.

He said the exhibitions held on the sidelines of the conference will showcase the latest developments in the field.

The preparations for the conference took into consideration the aspirations of numerous industry professionals and international participants.

Technical sessions will be conducted throughout the three days, and will comprise of numerous working papers covering the various topics under consideration, of which 50 will be scientific papers.

Seven technical seminars will also be held during the event and these are designed to promote the exchange of experiences between participants and exhibitors. The Minister stressed that the country’s energy sector was working towards attracting similar international events to Bahrain given the large number of international energy companies that have a presence in the region.

He praised the dynamic stance of the Kingdom of Bahrain in hosting such pioneering events, expressing his gratitude and appreciation to the wise leadership of the country for their enthusiasm and support to attract international conferences to Bahrain.

The Minister said that the choice of the Kingdom of Bahrain as the venue for the conference and exhibition reflects the organizer’s and the participants’ confidence in the Kingdom as the preferred location to hold such events in the Middle East.

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