Bapco a leading organisation in human development

Manama: Over eight decades, Bapco has been characterized by its ongoing efforts to upgrade the human development process and enhance HR strategies in fostering the aspired growth of the kingdom in addition to investing hugely in qualifying the national calibre as per the most advanced trends in global markets.

“Bapco is committed to a distinct work pattern in fostering a human development process through applying the most advanced techniques worldwide with the aim of establishing a solid background of efficient national elements capable of fulfilling the growing requirements in the future,” Bapco’s General Manager Human Resources and Administration Ghassan Ali Al Muhanna, said.

“Bapco applies the most updated techniques to achieve this goal including the Executive Development Programme which prepares the future leaders of the business, in addition to organizing major training courses in collaboration with the London Business School. In addition, the company’s Performance Management Procedure (PMP) is another tool applied by Bapco in enhancing HR strategies, and we are proud to announce that the programme is moving ahead very confidently.”

“In the field of education, Bapco proudly commits itself to offering a wide range of scholarships for its nationals to obtain the best educational opportunities both inside and outside the kingdom, in coordination with the Ministry of Education. Industrial training is also a major element which receives prime focus from Bapco for preparing qualified generations capable of meeting the needs and requirements of the labour market in the future.”

“Bapco pays full attention to the human element being the cornerstone of its success and HR development is a key strategy of the company with the aim of polishing human skills in conformity with the latest technologies and applications worldwide.”

Al Muhanna said that Bapco continue to be a leader in human development and this originates from its compliance with the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) philosophy, reflecting its role as a key supporter of human development not only in the company but also all over the Kingdom.

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