Bapco applies safety ‘Stand Down’ procedure

Project Dept.Bapco conducted a safety ‘stand down’ procedure over its entire spectrum of operations in the presence of all Bapco and Contractor employees, explaining various safety procedures briefly yet informatively.

The ‘stand down’ referred to the injuries which took place over recent times, and emphasized that employees would strive to implement necessary safety tools to limit them. The fundamental purpose of this procedure is to urge company employees to identify the causes of accidents and enhance safety procedures in various work sites in the company.

The safety ‘stand down’ falls under global practices applicable in major industrial enterprises worldwide in order to improve the readiness of the company prior to the occurrence of major accidents. It conducts a periodic evaluation of the standards and safety procedures & addresses shortcomings in safety performance, while enhancing the importance of the application of good practices in the field of environment, health and safety, as well as consolidating the culture of occupational safety in the minds of all workers in the framework of Bapco’s leading role and social responsibility in establishing well-established and effective concepts of safety throughout the community.

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