Bapco CEO visits ILM projects workshop

Gordon Smith, BAPCO’s Chief Executive has recently visited an ILM Level 3 Workshop at Al Bander Resort to receive team project updates from the fifth group of BAPCO Superintendents studying for the ILM Certificate in Management International Management Qualification.

Smith thanked the three project teams for their dedicated efforts in researching their project topics and offered a number of suggestions for guidance and further reference.

He said that he looked forward to receiving the final project submissions and recommendations later in the year and encouraged ILM candidates to continue to strive for improving organization best practice as a means of putting BAPCO’s corporate strategy into action. The ILM Projects represent an integral part of the Level 3 Programme and are designed to enable candidates to work together in teams addressing key management and human resource issues and to make recommendations for action to BAPCO senior management.

The ILM Level 3, Group 5 Projects comprise:- Team 1 – Project Title: “Developing a Strategy to Manage Light Duty Employees”. Team 2 – Project Title: “Management of Organisational Change”, and Team 3 – Project Title: “Rejuvenate BAPCO Image – Health & Community Support”. Peter Conway, BAPCO’s ILM Programme leader emphasized that the ILM Level 3 Programme is intended to develop the type of managers who will put people first and give them clear direction and on behalf of Group 5 Candidates thanked the CE and BAPCO senior management for their continued support and guidance.

The ILM Level 3 Programme comprises all of the key areas of effective Leadership and Management and comprises the following key areas: Managing Self – setting priorities and managing time, Managing People – selecting, developing and motivating teams, Managing Resources – integrating people, time, money and materials, Managing Activities – assigning responsibility, setting deliverables and measuring results, Managing Information – obtaining, processing and communicating information successfully.

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