Bapco launches family gas campaign

Leakage in gas cylinder
The Bahrain Petroleum Company Bapco has launched a new family gas campaign as part of the ongoing activities and programmes of the Environment, Health and Safety EHS Week 2012, which is organized by Bapco to enhance public awareness of the safety culture throughout the Kingdom.

A number of families from Ma’ameer and Hamad Town will have a safer gas cylinder system at their homes after being selected to be part of Bapco’s Family Gas Campaign. The families were selected in collaboration with charity funds from the two communities to receive free check & maintenance for their gas cylinders by a team of Bapco Fire, Health & Safety Department employees.

“Beside the gas cylinder check, any faulty parts will be removed & replaced to make the gas cylinder system much safer at homes. This is done free of charge,” a Bapco source, said.

“The families also received “Gas Cylinder Safety” and “A Guide to Fire Safety for Your Home” booklets produced by Bapco,” he said. “We are proud of this initiative to help families make their homes safer. We also hope to see more of these team campaigns to further promote safety within our communities,” the source added.

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