Bapco launches smart fuel cards

Sadeem Card unveils by Bapco on Thursday
The Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) introduced new smart fuel card called Sadeem, a card that can be used for purchasing fuel at Bapco fuel selling points across the Kingdom.

“Sadeem, meaning galaxy or a cloud of energy, is a payment method that can be used at any Bapco service station. It enables its customers to improve their fuel consumption management and control through applying smart card technology,” Bapco in a statement said.

“The card concept is similar to debit and credit cards, however, it is linked directly to the fuel pumps, which allows the customers to pay only for the dispensed fuel volume. This also enables the customers to view their consumption reports over a period of time, which facilitates their accounting and control tasks too.”

There are two types of Sadeem cards, Prepaid and Postpaid.

Sadeem Prepaid Individual Cards are available for all Bapco customers and can be revalued at listed Bapco’s Service Stations.

Sadeem Postpaid Corporate Cards are offered to high volume corporate and fleet customers at certain conditions and can be applied for through contacting the company’s Card Business Unit.

Customers can get your card starting from BD 3 per year. Currently, the card is used in eight Bapco stations and more stations will be added each month. For the individual card you can top up at any of the registered stations, while the corporate postpaid cards are used like credit cards with limits that suit you best.

The Sadeem Roadshow is currently taking place in Bahrain City Center will remain open till May 9th, 2012.

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