Bapco organizes a successful scientific seminar on eclipse

Al Mahroos with presenter of the seminar watching the different stages of moon’s eclipse
Bapco hosted a scientific seminar on eclipse at Bapco Club in Awali, as part of its ongoing efforts to boost scientific research in Bahrain. The seminar was held in collaboration with the Physics Department of University of Bahrain and the Information Centre. The event was attended by the Chief Executive, Faisal Al-Mahroos, members of Bapco’s Management and some employees. Also present were some scientists and guests. The seminar was chaired by Professor Dr. Waheeb Al-Nasser, Vice President of University of Bahrain and Vice Chairman of Bahrain Astrology Society, who gave a number of lectures on eclipse.

The evening of last Wednesday witnessed a long full eclipse (100 minutes) from 22:10 pm till 02:00 am, the second longest eclipse in this century after the eclipse which will take place on 27th July 2017 and lasted for 103 minutes. Upon the conclusion of the seminar, attendees thanked Bapco for organizing a successful forum on eclipse.
Bapco expressed thanks and appreciation to Dr. Al-Nasser for enriching the seminar with his valued participation and lectures which contributed to its success.

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