BAPCO participates in ASSE-MEC Conference in Bahrain

Gordon Smith Bapco CEO
BAPCO will participate in the 10th Professional Development Conference and Exhibition (PDC&E) organized by the American Society of Safety Engineers, Middle East Chapter (ASSE-MEC) to be held during February 18-22, 2012.

The Risk and Reliability Management Section of Bapco’s Engineering Division are due to present two papers. The first paper, prepared by Ram K Goyal and Vinod Menon describes BAPCO’s experiences in adopting the requirements of managing hazards associated with locating permanent and portable buildings near process plants. The second paper, prepared by Ram K Goyal and S Kugan, describes best practices in hazards and operability HAZOP studies and experiences of Bapco.

In 2007 BAPCO won the prestigious Robert W Campbell award for integrating safety into its primary business processes. BAPCO has a very strong rich tradition in this field; arguably the pioneers in this region. BAPCO have strengthened HAZOP effectiveness through developing some best practices of our own as well as adopting some recommended by other well-known authorities such as the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Center. Commenting on this occasion, BAPCO’s Chief Executive, Mr. Gordon Smith said that HAZOP is a continually improving and evolving process in BAPCO.

“Our recent contacts with reputable engineering consultants have given us feedback regarding current best practices with EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) companies. We in BAPCO are committed to striving for excellence”, Smith added.

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