Bapco reviews operational excellence requirements

Awali: The Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) and Chevron, Bapco received Chevron Operational Excellence Audit Leader Vicky Hobbs and Advisor Bill Sanderford on a three-day visit to the company, to arrange for its 2015 Operational Excellence Review requirements.

The meeting, which was held between Bapco officials and the visiting Chevron Operational Excellence officials, included the discussion of a number of key issues, primarily the Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) and its auditing procedure. It was also discussed in the meeting that the Operational Excellence (OE) Review will include 14 chevron Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) over a two- week period beginning on 23 January, 2015 and that the audit which will cover all Bapco’s departments and will involve various key components such as significant pre-work with OE Process Owners and Custodians looking at documentation, metrics and evidence of validation and verifications.

“The Review will include three days of field visits, interviews, vetting and validations each and one day of delivering a final report,” Bapco’s Deputy Chief Executive Refining & Marketing Ebrahim Talib, said.

“The Subject Matter Experts will be in areas of specialty such as Leadership and Management System Process (MSP), Risk and Emergency, Engineering and Technical, Management of Change (MOC), Safe Work Practices, Health and Hygiene, Road Safety, Boost, Incident Investigation and Reporting, Maintenance and Asset Integrity, Contractor Safety, Environment and Governance and Audit.”

Operational Excellence is a key value in Bapco as the company places prime importance on this aspect and on maintaining key standards in the organisation to ensure compliance at the highest level with constantly evolving international requirements.

“All employees are urged to cooperate and prepare themselves for the upcoming audit as it will be the biggest audit in the history of the company, and its success would reflect majorly on the company’s operational performance and image of Bapco and the Kingdom of Bahrain,” Talib added.

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