Bapco’s WWTP project completes 1m man-hours sans a single LTI

Employees of BAPCO and contractors working on the Waste Water Treatment Plant Project (WWTP) completed one million man-hours without a single Lost time injury (LTI).

This is an outstanding worth commending achievement especially since a project of this kind involves handling and management of additional hazards and other environment issues. Despite these challenges, the project team members worked coherently and with dedication to reach this wonderful milestone.

“Let me take this opportunity to congratulate the project team and every individual working on the project for playing their respective parts that led to the achievement of this outstanding milestone,” BAPCO’s Deputy Chief Executive and Chairman of Environment, Health and Safety EHS Committee, Ebrahim Talib said.

“We have previously demonstrated our ability to sustain LTI free performance over much longer periods of time, the latest one being the achievement of 10 Million safe Man-Hours by LBOP project team,” he added.

“We have experienced on many occasions that even one second of inattention or a temporary lapse in concentration and safety awareness can result in accidents and injuries,” he said.

“It is thus essential that we continue to strive for excellence in our safety performance and let us aim at completing WWTP Project with no injuries or incidents. We should remember that there cannot be any short cuts in achieving this target as success is dependent on total commitment, constant effort, and utilisation of “Osool” Bapco safety principles and 4 Keys of Safety”, Talib, said.

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