NOGA opens two more fuel stations

MANAMA: The National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) announced the availability of 98 Octane Super fuel at two additional service stations, Al Buhair in Riffa and Tubli along Isa Bin Salman Avenue.

NOGA confirmed that the two new service stations join Busaiteen Station, Formula 1 Station and Sanabis Station in providing this high-grade fuel, with three additional stations on track to offer the fuel at a later stage.

The current service stations, which have been geographically distributed across the Kingdom forms a key part of NOGA’s ongoing efforts in collaboration with the Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) to ensure wide-availability of this key product serving high-performance vehicles.

98 Octane Super fuel is a high-grade product that supports latest motor vehicle fuel consumption efficiency technologies and its quality is known to limit negative environmental impacts associated with fuel combustion. This fuel is a valued addition to the other types of gasoline currently available in the local market, providing an advanced third option after Mumtazand Jayyid.

The 98 Octane Super fuel will be sold at an unfixed price in accordance with global fuel prices. The price will be reviewed on a regular basis by a panel consisting of representatives from NOGA and BAPCO. 98 Octane Super fuel pricing is not linked to the prices of Mumtaz (95 Octane) and Jayyid (91 Octane).

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