Bapco conducts an oil spill exercise in Bahrain waters

Bapco conducts an oil spill exercise
Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) and the Oil Spill Response Limited, OSRL have jointly conducted an Oil Spill Response exercise.

The exercise was designed to create a greater awareness of activities that need to be addressed during the various phases of the response process. The exercise focused on the following areas: coordination between Bapco and ORSL teams, the process command, Information liaison/Media, operations, planning, logistics, finance and administration, and documentation. During the exercise the Public Relations role was highlighted with the need to liaise with media and foster the ability to develop and provide clear, accurate and timely information for the public and the media.

The Incident Commander set key priorities for the Oil Spill Response exercise, represented in the following: the safety of employees and environment, the need to protect sensitive areas (mostly Bapco), the need to ensure no/minimal interruption to Bapco business, and the need to contain and recover oil/chemicals. At the end of the exercise a debriefing session was held to highlight areas that require further improvement.

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