Bapco hosts workshop on business strategies, PR role

Bapco’s Public Relations organized a workshop on business strategies and the role of PR department in supporting strategic planning in industrial organizations.

The workshop was held at Bapco Club in Awali, in collaboration with Strategic Business Economics Department of Bapco. The workshop commenced its activities with a presentation by Manager Strategic Business Economics Department, Karima Rajab who spoke about the role of strategic planning and its significance in achieving the desired goals of industrial organizations. She reviewed strategic priorities of Bapco for the coming years, and the role that PR department can assume in achieving the aspired goals.

Manager Public Relations Naji Ahmed gave a brief presentation on PR duties and responsibilities and the role assumed by PR department in supporting strategic planning. The workshop discussed the Refinery Master Plan as one of key priorities of Bapco. The workshop included brainstorming sessions for generating new ideas and thoughts aimed at fostering business strategies and enhancing PR role in supporting overall strategies. The workshop also focused on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats affecting PR role and duties. The workshop provided an ideal opportunity for employees to freely express their ideas on how to actively take part in supporting business strategies and improving their positive participation as a work team. Present at the workshop were Manager Training and Development, Bader Al-Dosseri, Senior Systems Support Engineer, Haifa Al-Marqoozi, and a number of employees and trainees of several departments of Bapco.

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