Bapco hosts youth development programme

BAPCO Organzes Youth Leadership Program
Through BAPCO Summer Camp 2012 transformational youth programs, the BAPCO Youth Leadership Program (YLP) has inspired the children of Bapco employees, to live a month of excitement of communications and leadership skills from this stupendous (YLP) program which is being continuously held since it was first introduced as part of its Summer Camp in 2008. On Sunday, 15th July, the Final Contests were held and the enthusiastic winners of YLP been awarded by YLP Coordinators.

This program has served compassionately all the children without any exceptions and ensured that all youth received the opportunity to participate and share their speaking skills and deliver speeches. Moreover, the program has presented in total of nine sessions and each session lasted two hours twice a week. The program was presented by experienced YLP Coordinators and Goodwill Ambassadors of Toastmasters, Distinguished Toastmaster Vicky Cacayan (Division A Governor) and Toastmaster Fatima Fakhro (BAPCO Toastmasters Club); and jointly as first time YLP Coordinator, Toastmaster Yanna A. Ginete (Pilipino Club Toastmasters Club); plus, there were Toastmasters who have come as guests to present educational modules during some of the sessions. A word of thanks goes to those who tremendously supported YLP Program namely from Public Relations Department; Ahlam Mohamed, Acting Manager Public Relations, and Fahad Shamsan, Superintendent Event Management and special thanks goes to Bapco Toastmasters Club for their support and Bapco Club staff for their continuous cooperation.

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