Bapco launches new incident investigation process

Ebrahim Talib, Deputy CEO Bapco
Bapco is in the process of implementing a new Incident Investigation process that everyone can be involved in. “It will have action tracking to make sure Bapco is a safe and effective place to work, and with special emphasis on environment, health, safety, reliability and efficiency”, Bapco’s Deputy Chief Executive, Ebrahim Talib, said.

“The software is easy to use and the work process is empowering. The new process is user friendly and designed to support and be compatible with Operational Excellence. It maintains Bapco standard of, Notification within 1 day, Investigation within 1 week, and Finalization within 1 month,” he said,

“We have trained 108 people in small group sessions so far and believe this has achieved critical mass to start the process. The PSM standard has been updated and will enter QMS this week. So that the process can be implemented, all investigations must include one of the trained employees or be supported by Quality Assurance Department (QAD), Fire, Health and Safety Department (FHS) or Central Reliability Engineering Department (CRE),” he said.

“Note that an e-learning module will be used for other employees. This will be ready in Q3, 2012. Hence, effective Sunday the 12th of August, all Incident Investigations must be conducted in the new Incident Investigation process software- Quality and Compliance Management System (QCMS)”. “The new process is in line with Bapco’s ongoing efforts to enhance operational excellence, as we care for our employees, contractors and neighboring community.”

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