Over 200,000 Syrian fled from Aleppo City

The United Nations said that more than two hundred thousand Syrians have fled from Aleppo city within the past few weeks as a result of severe fighting as Syrian regime forces try to expel the Free Syrian Army fighters out of the city.

The BBC quoted the UN spokesperson in Syria as saying that opposition forces now possess heavy weaponry including some tanks confiscated from the Syrian regime’s army, and urged both conflict sides to exercise self-restraint and to differentiate between innocent citizens and combatants during war operations. She revealed that over the past 72 hours, there was a remarkable escalation of violence.

UN observers saw intense gunfire and the wide use of helicopters, tanks, heavy machineguns and artillery. For the first time, yesterday warplanes bombed targets on land.

According to the UN spokesperson, news reports revealed that the Free Syrian Army now possesses various sorts of heavy weaponry including tanks.

On the other hand, eyewitnesses and activists were quoted as saying that the Syrian regime army killed 35 persons near the capital, Damascus, most of whom unarmed citizens, after the Syrian regime forces bombarded and stormed into Artouz district in the southwestern suburbs of Damascus.
The Syrian Human Rights Observatory stated that a tank confiscated by the opposition was used in shelling the Ming Airbase this morning.

Also, opposition fighters shelled this morning an airbase which was used by the regime forces in bombarding Aleppo city.

The observatory said that the total fatalities statistics for Wednesday reached 135 meanwhile the local coordination committees reported that 170 had been killed.

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