A new twist in the death of a teen in Bahrain

A police investigation is underway to determine the identity of the persons who delivered a corpse to the Bahrain International Hospital.

“This issue, which is shrouded in a blanket of mystery, is crucial to the ongoing investigation and the results it will yield”, Northern Governorate Prosecutor Nawaf Al-Awadhi said.
In a statement issued today, he said that the police investigation was still underway to uncover the circumstances surrounding the death.

“Identifying the persons who brought the corpse to the hospital and questioning them will no doubt clarify the case and reveal all its circumstantial and personal aspects”, he said.

In another development, a ballistic test conducted by a CID forensic expert has revealed that the pellets extracted from the corpse have failed to match the ones used by the Interior Ministry.

The Police Northern Directorate had reported small clashes between the security forces and protesters at Abu Saiba’a area, insisting that no shotgun pellets had then been fired to disperse them.

The Public Prosecution had said that unidentified people delivered a copse last Thursday night to the Bahrain International Hospital without leaving any information.

A coroner’s report said that the deceased had died from wounds sustained from shotgun pellets, or birdshot.

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