Akyumen Technologies to establish a facility in Bahrain

Industry and Commerce Minister Dr. Hassan Fakhro held talks with a team from Akyumen Technologies Corporation including Senior Vice President of Technology and Innovation Hani Khanani, Senior Vice President Operations Robert Van Heyningen, CEO for MENA/Europe Mustafa Saied and CEO of Muhammed Al Fardan Group Mohammed Al Fardan, who expressed their desire to set up a facility in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Dr. Hassan Fakhro confirmed government’s pride to embrace dozens of global industrial project and choose Bahrain as a center for their businesses in the Middle East. He confirmed the success of government and policies and national visions and promotional programs that contributed in turn to attract global major companies with value added to the national economy.

The praised the government’s policies paving the way to host dozen of global and regional projects, pointing to the appropriate infrastructure and protective legislation for investments, in addition to the great facilities offered by the government to all investors. He also praises the technical level that characterized

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