AL reviews Bahrain’s proposal to setup court for human rights

Bahrain-Arab League meeting
The Secretary General of the Arab League, Dr. Nabil Al Arabi met in his office at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States in Cairo with Ambassador Hamad Bin Ahmed Abdul Aziz Al Amer, the Foreign Ministry Undersecretary for Regional Affairs and GCC. The Ambassador was also the Chairman of the Bahraini Committee to follow up the implementation of HM the King’s proposal to create Arab court of human rights.

The meeting was in presence of Bahrain Ambassador to Cairo and Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Bahrain at the Arab League, Shaikh Rashid Bin Abdul Rahman Al Khalifa and some members of the committee.

The Secretary General of the Arab League welcomed the proposal of His Majesty the King to establish an Arab Court of Human Rights, saying that creating such court was considered a civilized leap which would enhance the efforts of the Arab Countries in supporting and encouraging the respect of the human rights. He also commended, in this issue, the initiative of Bahrain to host the conference for the establishment of the Court to be held before the end of 2012.

The Bahraini Ambassador, Hamid Al Aamer presented a brief about the steps taken by the committee with the related authorities to implement the initiative of His Majesty the King to form an Arab Court for Human Rights.

The Ambassador also expressed thanks for the Secretary General of the Arab League for his support of Bahrain’s proposal to form a committee of specialized legal Arab experts to discuss the establishment of the court, which was considered an important step in implementing the League’s Decree 2012310, which welcomed Bahrain’s initiative to host the conference.

The Ambassador concluded his statement by stressing that the initiative of His Majesty the King to form the Arab Court for Human Rights would highlight Bahrain’s keenness to enhance and develop the efforts encouraging and protecting the human rights.

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