Al Wefaq official denies revolting against government

The General Director of Crime Detection and Forensic Science summoned Shaikh Ali Salman, the General Secretary of Al Wefaq National Islamic Society after he received an order from the Public Prosecution to discuss Salman’s recent trip to Egypt.

Salman was asked if he participated in any sectarian activities or if he interfered in any of Egypt’s internal affairs, as such behaviour would go against agreements of two nations.

Salman arrived at the General Director’s office on Sunday where he denied any such activity. He said that he discussed statistics produced by Al Wefaq regarding the numbers of deaths and injuries, most of which are documented in the BICI report.

When asked if he discussed a revolution in Bahrain he said that he did not mean the overthrow of the government but was instead referring to the demand for freedom, democracy, equality and respect for human rights. He said he believes that Bahrain needs political development in order to attain internationally recognized standards in government and that this is a must for Bahrain.

In regard to acts of violence, Salman said that Al Wefaq rejects violence of any kind, whether it is from the public or the government. He added that at the last rally he attended, he denounced violence, reaffirming the position of Al Wefaq.

He concluded by saying that his concept of revolution does not mean the overthrow of the government. He said that he only wants the proper reforms to happen in Bahrain that lead to peace and stability for Bahrain’s children. Sheikh Ali Salman’s statement was registered and has been forwarded to the Public Prosecution.

In the meantime, the Chief of Public Security Major-General Tariq Hassan Al Hassan stressed the importance of respecting the law and not interfering with the internal affairs of other countries. He stated that anyone who does attempt to engage in such activity will be held accountable. The Chief concluded by saying that anyone who does participate in the activities of other nations should do so in an ethical manner in order to show Bahrain in the best light possible.

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