Arab League Secretary General backs decision deploying Peninsula Shield

Amr Mussa Secretary General Arab League
Arab League Secretary-General Amr Mousa backed the Kingdom of Bahrain’s decision to deploy the Peninsula Shield forces, according to Bahrain News Agency (BNA).

“The deployment of the Peninsula Shield units is totally legal and legitimate, being taken under the joint defence cooperation pact bonding the six member countries”, he told French daily Le Figaro, in it’s issued published on Friday. He pointed out the necessity to preserve Bahrain’s Arab identity and stability.

“For us, this issue is crystal clear; Bahrain is an Arab country and must remain so. Bahrain’s security and stability is beyond question”, he said. Moussa expressed the hope that Iran would realize this essential issue and understand its duty, as a state, to build relations of good neighbourliness in the Arabian Gulf region. He also voiced his confidence that the current upheavals and winds of change, currently sweeping some Arab countries, would ultimately spill over and engulf Iran itself.

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