Arab media needs to tell the truth to the world

Secretary-General Haitham Yousif Amin of the Young Arab Media Forum invited all Arab youths involved in the media to authenticate the truth behind the recent unfortunate incidents in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

He also urged the youth to closely watch the actual events and portray them in professionalism in order to convey the reality of what occurred on the spot detached from any influence by clandestine hands which conspired to mutate the Kingdom of Bahrain’s genuine achievements in the political, democratic, economic and human rights arena under the wise leadership.

He made this appeal during a Press conference held under the slogan of ‘Bahrain Our United Heart’ at the Regency Intercontinental Hotel on Wednesday.

Amin, who was joined by Public Relations Society Chairman Dr. Fahd Ebrahim Al-Shehabi, said that under the progressive political events in the region and their repercussions, the Arab Media Youth Forum which is the first informational embassy in the Arab world decided to mobilize and disseminate awareness messages to the Arab youth regarding events taking place in the Arab world.

“Today we aspire through this Bahrain Message media initiative to boost intimacy, solidarity, dialogue and interaction between the Bahraini people and to contribute in raising youth awareness about the challenges ahead especially as the unfortunate incidents that occurred in the Kingdom of Bahrain took a sectarian dimension. That was apparent from the foreign hands seeking destabilizing the country and instigating a rift between the united Bahraini community’s components in order to serve their own agenda.”

He emphasized that the time was right for all components of Bahraini community to congregate around the consensus reached during the National Consensus Dialogue which had been initiated by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa Monarch of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

“The National Dialogue serves as the common grounds to construct the brightest future for this country which used to be in the lead in all walks of life,” he said.

He also stressed that the Forum and its members were confident that the Kingdom of Bahrain would surmount this phase and march forward for further development and progress.

Bahrain’s Public Relations Society chairman Dr. Fahd Ebrahim Al-Shihabi made an inaugural speech in which he welcomed the visiting delegations and introduced them to the public.

Then journalists, news agencies correspondents were allowed the opportunity to ask question who enquired about the initiatives functions during the forthcoming period. Dr. Shihabi informed the delegations that these activities will continue in order to reveal all false allegations promoted by biased sides who sought to destabilize the Kingdom of Bahrain.

He also explained to the delegations that the Kingdom of Bahrain is taking vast but sure strides under the wise leadership in all walks of life and that the recent mishaps will never hinder the Kingdom of Bahrain’s progressive march towards the brightest future at all levels.

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