Bahrain backs global efforts for nuclear disarmament

Bahrain’s Parliamentary delegation during IPU meet in Ottawa, Canana
Bahrain called on the international community to halt the race for nuclear armament.
MP Isa Abduljabbar Al-Kooheji voiced Bahrain’s stance as he attended a key workshop on nuclear disarmament.
Shura Council member Dr. Aisha Mubarak also attended the workshop as part of the meetings of the International Inter-Parliamentary Union in Canada.

He underscored the importance of undertaking efficient international measures to avert nuclear wars and protect non-nuclear countries against the use or threat of using nuclear weapons.
MP Isa Abduljabbar Al-Kooheji affirmed Bahrain’s commitment to international covenants on nuclear disarmament.
He urged nuclear states to reconsider their nuclear-based defensive strategies for other countries to abandon their nuclear ambitions.
He also stressed the importance of implementing strict preventive mechanisms to monitor the production of nuclear fuel and avert any manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction.
He also underlined the necessity to step up control mechanisms of nuclear sites to ensure the production of nuclear energy is not used for military purposes.

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