Bahrain earmarks $8b for transport project

The Kingdom of Bahrain has earmarked $8 billion to set up a rapid transport grid, according to a report published by the Bahrain News Agency (BNA).

BNA said that the transport sector would achieve a quantum leap as the GCC member states had already approved a $30 billion project to set a 2200-Kilometre long GCC Railway Network.

“The GCC railways grid project which is under construction will be major boost for the transport sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain”, the report said.

The costs GCC states have approved a series of railways transport projects on their respective territories amounting to an overall $106.2 billion.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tops the GCC member states with 23 projects as a part of a $25.6 billion dollar package which includes the mega Haramain High-Speed Rail which links Mecca and Al-Medina.

Qatar has got ambitious plans to build metro and railways networks for $25 billion dollars, as part of preparations for the World Cup 2022 in Doha.

In the UAE, eight railways projects are currently under construction costing an overall $20.6 billion dollars, including the $11 billion Etihad Rail, which will be later, integrated into the GCC Railway Network.

Oman’s National Rail Network is being built in three phases. The first phase comprises a 230km link from Sohar to Muscat.

The second phase is a 560km line from Muscat to Duqm. The third phase involves extending the line from Duqm to Salalah.

Oman also has plans to develop an integrated metro system in the capital city Muscat.

The Sate of Kuwait has also announced plans to build a national railways and metro network costing $17 billion.

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