Bahrain earns global acclamation for handling 2011 crisis

MP Jameela Ali Salman
Member of the Kingdom’s delegation to 127th Assembly of the International Parliamentary Union (IPU) MP Jameela Ali Salman said that the Kingdom’s successful experience in overcoming the regretful incidents that gripped it last year, in line with the sound directives of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and the government, has earned it international acclaim and support.
Speaking during a special debate held on the sidelines of IPU’s Assembly under the theme of “Building Peace after Conflict,” MP Jameela Salman highlighted the key initiatives and steps taken by the kingdom to ensure its security and stability and achieve social consensus, affirming that the kingdom’s experience has been a pioneering one and should be followed by other countries.

She also asserted that democratic institutions are the main platforms where peace can be built, adding that ensuring the citizens safety, justice and suitable job opportunities are essential in combating violence.

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