Bahrain makes remarkable political, human rights strides

HRH Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa
His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa asserted that the Kingdom has made remarkable political, economic, social and cultural strides regarding human rights, basic freedoms and civil liberties, adding that those landmark achievements have been consolidated thanks to His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s pioneering Reform Project.

HRH Premier also pointed out that the government has spared no effort to improve human rights practices and address any shortcomings out of its strong belief that those rights are basic and that it is the state’s exclusive duty to make sure that every citizen enjoys them, adding that the kingdom will not hesitate to adopt any initiatives or accede to international agreements and protocols so as to boost human rights in the country.

This came as HRH Premier chaired a work meeting in which he was informed about the kingdom’s preparations to submit its report later this month regarding the recommendations of the UN Human Rights Council following the second national report presented within the framework of the Universal Periodic Review, held in May, and was assured that the concerned sides have responded positively to those recommendations and taken the necessary measures in order to implement them.

HRH Premier affirmed the government’s firm resolve to promote human rights, protect human dignity and consolidate the necessary procedures transparently and objectively, in line with international standards, noting that the kingdom enjoys a strong position regarding human rights and is fully confident of its respect of them in all legislations and procedures.

HRH the Prime Minister also pointed out that the kingdom has guaranteed human rights protection per excellence through ensuring means of decent living, including education, health, housing, work opportunities, social protection and increase of salaries and pensions, guaranteeing the citizens’ right to exercise political rights, participate in the decision-making process and audit the state’s procedures via the Legislative Branch and constant keenness to update its laws and legislations in order to keep abreast of international human rights standards and conventions.

During the same meeting, HRH Premier reviewed the projects to be covered by the GCC development package, as outlined by the Finance Minister, reiterating the government’s keenness to ensure that those funds target mainly aspects related to the citizens’ livelihoods, as well as economic and social ones, especially housing, creation of job opportunities and improvement of the quality of services.

The Premier issued instructions to inform the Legislative Branch on the projects to be targeted by the GCC Development Fund.

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