Bahrain plans a multi-billion dollar new Industrial City

Bahrain is planning a multi-billion dollar new industrial city as part of the Government’s efforts to attract foreign investments in all vital sectors, according to the Bahrain News Agency.

“A multi-billion dinar economic and industrial city is being planned for Bahrain,” the BNA said.

“The go-ahead for the project, which will employ thousands of Bahrainis, has been given and a feasibility study will begin soon,” the BNA in a statement said, quoting the Minister Fakhro.
“A reputed international company will begin the feasibility study on the project, which is in line with His Majesty King Hamad’s Vision 2030,” he said.

Dr Fakhro said a major international building and construction company had decided to make Bahrain its headquarters after having scoured the Middle East and North Africa region for a base.

“They are investing a very large sum of money over the next few years and that will also employ a large number of Bahrainis,” he said, but declined to name the firm.

The minister said 22 new industrial projects had recently been approved.

“There are also 500 applications pending for approval, but we have no land available yet.”

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