Bahrain reviews the options to reduce Gulf Air losses

A joint meeting between the government and the National Assembly was on Monday under the chairmanship of the Representatives Council Speaker Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Dhahrani and in the presence of the Shura Council Chairman Ali bin Saleh Al Saleh and Deputy Premier Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, Finance Minister Shaikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, Transportation Minister Kamel Ahmed, heads and chairmen of parliamentary blocs and committees and members of Financial and Economic Affairs Committees at the Shura and Representatives councils.

They reviewed the financial and administrative situation of Gulf Air, discussed the available alternatives to stop continuous losses incurred by the company and shed light on the obstacles and difficulties facing and preventing from making profits.

The participants agreed on the need to maintain the Kingdom’s national carrier, Gulf Air, given its importance regarding mainly economy, tourism and investment and essential role in promoting the kingdom’s reputation at the regional and global levels.

They also affirmed the need to keep Gulf Air as one of the basic pillars of the national economy as it links the kingdom to the rest of the world and provides job opportunities for Bahrainis in many specialties.

In this regard, the government side requested the Shura and Representatives Councils to pump an additional fund for the company in order to enable it to pay some debts and dues.

Shura and Representatives Councils’ members agreed to hold another joint meeting, adding that their approval of the fund will be determined after the examination of the information on the spending of the requested fund is submitted to them.

They also reiterated their full cooperation with the Executive Branch regarding the challenged facing Gulf Air in order to work out radical and lasting solutions to its problems, for the benefit of the kingdom and its citizens.

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