Bahrain seeks an apology from Iran on misrepresentation

The Ministry of Foreign Affair Undersecretary for Regional and GCC Affairs Ambassador Hamad Ahmed Al Amer on Saturday summoned the Iranian charge d’affaires Mahdi Islami to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and handed over an official protest memorandum related to the misrepresentation made by the Iranian media through its state television during its translation from Persian by placing “Bahrain’s” name instead of the name of “Syria” in the speech delivered by the Egyptian President Dr. Mohammed Mohammed Mursi, during the opening session of the sixteen Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit.

“This is considered a breach and an act of fraud that media rejected and in turn refers to the Iranian media’s intervention in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain and a violation of the customary rules,” the memorandum said.

The ministry in its official memorandum requested the Iranian government to apologize for this act and take the necessary action as such conduct is bad for the relations existing between the two countries and fraternal relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and Egypt.

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