Bahrain to launch ‘national tolerance’ drive

Bahrain’s Minister of Human Rights and Social Development called upon the youth to create a tolerant society by shunning few voices creating divisions in the society on the basis of Schism.

Human Rights and Social Development Minister Dr. Fatima Al Blushi who held third meeting with a new group of youth societies’ representatives stressed the ministry’s keenness to continuously and directly keep in touch with non-government organizations (NGOs) affiliated with it since its inception.

She discussed the importance of the outcome of the National Consensus Dialogue regarding the youth affairs which fall within the jurisdiction of the ministry.

She asserted that most of the consensual visions regarding the youth field would be implemented soon after finalizing all constitutional and legal procedures for that.

Dr. Al Blushi also reviewed with the audience launching the national tolerance drive to strengthen the social fabric and boost national unity, being the most powerful weapon to mute the few voices inciting social schism.

She underlined the pivotal role that could be played by the youth in this national campaign to spread the culture of tolerance which is considered one of the noble values of the Bahraini people.

The Human Rights and Social Development Ministry’s prospective campaign to promote the culture of tolerance will be conducted in cooperation with the NGOs to concretize the royal vision advocating the culture of tolerance and co-existence.
The meeting was attended by Human Rights and Social Development Ministry Undersecretary Saeed Al Fihani, Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development Khalid Ishaq, NGOs Director Nejwa Janahi and 15 members of the youth associations.

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