Bahrain: Zero tolerance to violence during Eid

The Minister of State for Information Sameera Rajab during Q&A
The Minister of State for Information Sameera Rajab on Saturday said that the police and law enforcing agencies would take all possible steps to maintain peace and tranquility during the Eid Al Fitr holidays starting on Sunday.

Responding to a question the Minister told the 24X7 News that security officials would take all possible steps within their powers to maintain the law and order during Eid Al Fitr.

The Minister slammed the acts of violence and especially those inciting and indulging the teens to take the streets and cause panic at the busy places.

Mahmood Rafique Editor 24X7 News posing a question to the Minister
To another Minister stressed that Nabeel Rajab, who had been convicted by a Court for 3-years with right to appeal, has had instigated the youth to create a chaos in Manama, the commercial hub of the country.

“Which type of protest this is and what type of the citizens you are if you deliberately try to sabotage the national economy,” the Minister added.

The Minister also shared videos and twitter account of Nabeel Rajab in which he urged the youth to resort to violence till you die.

“These acts are not acceptable to anyone in any society or law. There are legal processes and the laws that guarantee the freedom of everyone without any prejudice,” the Minister said.

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