Bahrain’s anti violence drive wins global praise

D.A.R.E. International president, Charlie Parsons, praised the Bahrain Anti-violence programme (Together) in his inaugural speech at the25th D.A.R.E International Organization’s Conference held in the United States of America in terms of number of beneficiaries, number of schools where the program has been implemented, pointing out that officers in charge of the program’s training and qualification courses who are community police service personnel who implement the program and the third training course will be conducted by the end of this year (2012).

Also, D.A.R.R. chief urged participants to view the Kingdom of Bahrain’s experience, praising remarkable efforts of the officers in charge of the programme as can be seen through the participation of the Bahraini delegation in the conference. He urged everybody to visit the special exhibition section of the programme (Together).

The programme’s director Ali Ahmed Amini met with the Algerian delegation comprising Naval Commodore Al-Hajj, Commodore Nuwayrah Badice, Lt-Colonel Assman Nabil, Major Swaydee Bu Saif of the Algerian Interior Ministry.

He elaborated on the causes which led to applying the program in the Kingdom of Bahrain, its mission, objectives, its features unlike other awareness programs in the Kingdom in addition to Arabicization and Bahrainization in line with social phenomenon, Bahraini environment, customs, traditions and Islamic values.

The presentation also included a briefing on social, environmental phenomenon in terms of accomplishments of the program, and Islamic values.

The presentation also included a briefing on the program, and participation from inside and outside the school environment.

The Algerian delegation expressed their utmost thanks and appreciation for the efforts of officials in charge of the program which made them at the forefront of countries and states which implement the program in view of its accomplished feats within a short span.

The D.A.R.E president Charlie Parsons, who is also CEO of the Organization; the Deputy President Mike Colman, chairman and Scot Jillian, Chief of Operations for Training Operations thanked the officers in charge of the program and appreciated their support and assistance throughout he implementation duration.

Also, the organization’s president presented the program’s director with a commemorative shield in recognition of efforts on the part of the officers in charge of the program in Bahrain and also in recognition of their contribution in spreading the curriculum in Arab countries.

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