Bahrain’s envoy to Saudi Arabia slams terror attack

Bahrain Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Shaikh Humood bin Abdulla Al-Khalifa
Bahrain Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Shaikh Humood bin Abdulla Al-Khalifa strongly condemned the terror blast which caused the death of martyr of duty Omran Ahmed Mohammed last Thursday in East Ekar.

In statement to Bahrain News Agencies (BNA), he described the perpetrators as proxies manipulated like puppets by external sides to serve foreign agendas.

He slammed the campaign of terror attacks as contravening consensus and damaging national unity, accusing the perpetrators of collusion with foreign sides preying on Bahrain.

He considered the terror attacks in Bahrain as part of the conspiracy endangering the GCC security, stressing solidarity to confront mounting challenges and threats.

Shaikh Humood paid tribute to the wise leadership for its patience and wisdom in dealing with events, pointing out that the doors of dialogue remain open for all parties.

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