Bahrain’s Human Rights Minister meets Julie De Rivero

Human Rights Minister Dr. Salah bin Ali Abdulrahman with Human Rights Watch Director Julie De Rivero in Geneva
Human Rights Minister Dr. Salah bin Ali Abdulrahman met Human Rights Watch Director Julie De Rivero.

He voiced keenness to meet with international organisations to ensure they receive true information and answer their queries.

He affirmed that Bahrain’s doors are always open for well-reputed international organisations to visit Bahrain and assess human rights achievements there.

He also stressed that the reform march in the human rights field is going on and will never stop, calling for transparency and objectivity in evaluating the kingdom’s achievements in this regard.

He criticised reports by some international organisations for lacking credibility due to inaccurate information they receive by relying on fabricated news aimed at promoting the culture of hatred, incitement and division of the Bahraini society which has ever been known for co-existence and tolerance.

He presented the director with an account on the recent verdicts, stressing that they have never been the result of human rights activities or because of expressing an opinion but because of committing crimes which are punishable by the law.

He also assured her that the Human Rights Ministry is fully informed about the situation of the detainees and organises periodic visits to the convicts to follow up on the services provided for them and their consistency with human rights criteria.

The meeting was attended by the Foreign Ministry Undersecretary, the Human Rights Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Coordination and Follow-up, Bahrain’s Permanent Representative to Geneva, and the Representative of the Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Ministry.

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