BBG, IAA launch complaints over Iranian broadcast interference

Information Affairs Authority Bahrain
The US Government-appointed Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) that oversees Voice of America and other U.S.-sponsored broadcasts has accused Iran of jamming radio and television programming in the GCC and Middle East in a statement which condemned the “Iranians’ flagrant violation of the law governing world radio diffusion regulations. The interference comes amid protests in Iran over the Iranian currency crisis, which resulted from international sanctions on the oil, financial and trade sectors.

The BBG said that the jamming was coming from inside Iran and violates international telecommunications regulations. “The interference is affecting VOA’s Persian service, along with the BBC, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s and Farsi-language programming from Radio Farda,” BBG in a statement said.

Iranian broadcast interference is also affecting satellite transponders operated by the Paris-based European satellite Eutelsat, blocking programming not only to Iran but also broadcasts aimed at Georgia, Armenia, Bosnia and Korea. On Thursday of last week (October 4th) Eutelsat launched a new appeal to the international regulatory authorities (i.e., International Telecommunication Union) to “urgently intervene in order to put an end to repeated jamming of satellite signals from Iran.”

On September 20 (2012) Information Affairs Authority President Sheikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa reported more than 67 cases of jamming targeting the IAA bouquet channels over a period of 10 days. The IAA announced that it had successfully tested a new hi-tech anti-jamming system to ensure its bouquet of TV channels broadcast without interruption.

The new system was tested and proved efficient in ensuring that programs are broadcast uninterrupted, especially during peak jamming periods according to Shaikh Fawaz, who highlighted the legal and administrative measures taken to protect IAA commercial, financial and technical rights.

Iran had blacklisted VOA and the BCC and foreign radio stations since 2010, considering them enemy organisations that support the Iranian opposition and incited on unrest inside Iran.”

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