Celebrate NAC anniversary responsibly: Police Chief

Tariq Al Hassan Bahrain's Public Security Chief
Tariq Al Hassan Bahrain’s Public Security Chief
The Chief of Public Security, Major-General Tariq al Hassan warned the youngsters to celebrate the National Action Charter (NAC) anniversary on Thursday with caution and in responsible manners.

He said that NAC anniversary and continuation of national consensus dialogue are important milestones for Bahrain but some elements may target these occasions to create a chaos.

The Police Chief said that while there might be a small number of people looking at disrupting the peaceful atmosphere, he called upon all citizens to resist temptation and to act responsibly.

He especially stressed the need for young men to resist the lure of troublemakers and refrain from joining in on any illegal activities.

To ensure peace and tranquility during this period, additional police resources have been deployed throughout the country. Those who engage in any type of illegal behavior will be dealt with swiftly, professionally and they will be held to account for their illegal activities in a court of law.

“Parents also have a responsibility to make sure that their children are supervised and their whereabouts are known at all times,” he said.

“This is an important time in the history of Bahrain when people can celebrate their right to gather peacefully, speak freely and act as responsible Bahraini citizens.”

People are asked to call 999 in an emergency situation or the hotline 80008008 to report any suspicious objects or criminal activity.

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