Children exposure to violent protests is alarming

The Ministry of Human Rights and Social Development showed its concerns while referring to a video footage on the internet showing youth, including children, participating in unlawful and violent assemblies.

The children and youth are also shown in proximity to, or participating in, violent and illegal acts such as throwing improvised incendiary devices such as Molotov cocktails (homemade bombs), burning tyres, spilling and burning oil on the streets, perpetrated by unknown, masked youth.

The Ministry is extremely concerned that certain groups are actively engaged in introducing children into these dangerous situations and making them into active participants.

The Ministry calls on all leaders and parents to safeguard the wellbeing and future of children and youth, by inculcating in them an awareness of peaceful methods of expressing their rights of speech and assembly.

The Ministry draws attention to the BICI Report, which promotes protection of free speech while proscribing communal hatred and violence, particularly involving children.

All members of society have a responsibility to ensure the protection of the most vulnerable segments of our country.

The Ministry will work with all relevant civil society groups in this regard and they are encouraged to contact the Human Rights Sector 17101829, or through e-mail: .

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